What Are the Dangers of Heating Cooking Oil?

The consequences of heating cooking oils extend far beyond the immediate risk of burns by splattering hot oil. Research has demonstrated that all oils can withstand varying levels of heat. If that level is exceeded, however, the oil not only begins to lose its nutritional value and flavor, it produces toxic fumes and hazardous substances

What Are the Health Benefits of Sesame Oil?

Sesame oil is pressed from the tiny sesame seed. There are numerous compounds and antioxidants within the sesame seed that are imparted into the oil. sesame seeds are so beneficial that even after they have been pressed and the oil has been drained, the seed hulls can be fed to livestock. Although the oil is

Daily CME Soy Complex Price Outlook and Strategy

CME Soybean and Meal futures remained under pressure amid progressive succumbed to harvest pressure, but Soy oil futures borrowed external support from fresh gains in crude oil conjunction with Fed stimulus led risk appetite across broad commodities. It is to be noted that the US might have harvested around 10% of the overall crop as

Future of Oil Press Industry

In view of the various benefits of edible oil, it has become a must in our daily life. Oil squeezed by oil press has natural flavor and no chemical additives, safe for daily consumption. With annual worldwide oil production rate of 220 million tons for both edible and non-edible oil in 2011, it’s believed that edible oil

Coconut Oil vs. Fish Oil

Coconut oil and fish oil have little in common, except that they are both healthy sources of dietary fat. They are quite different in their properties and in the way that they are incorporated into the diet. Now that the low fat craze is ending, these oils are becoming popular additions to a healthful diet.