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Cottonseed Oil vs. Sunflower vs. Soybean

If you are looking for an alternative to cooking with lard or butter, consider trying cottonseed, sunflower or soybean oil. These versatile and healthy vegetable oils are derived from plants grown in different countries and climates. In addition to providing oil, these seeds are a source of food for people and animals, clothing and textiles,

80T Sunflower seed Dewaxing Equipment

NO. Code NO. Name Model Technical parameter Q.T.Y. Power(Kw) Remark Section 1 – Crystallization section 1 TK101-106 Crystallizing tank YJJG2280 φ2200×8000 6 6*4 SS304 2 PU101 Oil-feed pump KCB300 H=32m/  L=18m3/h lift  H=32m flow  L=18m3/h 1 5.5 3 PU102 Oil scavenger pump KCB200 H=32m/  L=12m3/h lift  H=32m flow  L=12m3/h 1 4 4 P101-106 Crystallization pumps ISW80-160B H=24m/