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How to Maintain Oil Press Machines?

Tips for maintenance of oil press machine in daily life: 1. During the usage of oil press, you should always check the outlet. If oil cake is not continuously coming out from outlet or stops keeping out, you should stop feeding and move storage feed in inlet so as to clear the blockage. 2. When the oil press is working,

Electric & Manual Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Instruction

I. Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Technical Parameters Model Pressure Inside diameter Outside diameter Power Oil Output (Sesame) Handling capacity Weight Dimensions HDC-50T 50T 170mm 180mm Hand 20-30kg/day 50kg/h 160kg 300*200*700(mm) HDC-80T 80T 170mm 180mm Hand 20-30kg/day 50kg/h 180kg 300*200*700(mm) HDC-100T 100T 170mm 180mm Hand 20-30kg/day 50kg/h 200kg 300*200*700(mm) II. Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Specification Manual