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Edible Oil Solvent Extraction Equipment

Solvent extraction method fits for the pre-press of the high-oil-content materials like the sesame seeds and the second extraction of the low-oil-content materials like the soybean. Solvent extraction is a method that uses the solvent to separate the various components inside the material sample. It’s commonly used in a deal with liquid, gas as well as

Process comparison of the plant oil pressing extraction and solvent extraction

Preface:At present, some national standards for edible oils require clear information about the processing technology and the country of origin of the raw materials. This measure fully respects consumers’ right to know.  In order to better help ordinary consumers understand the processing technology of edible oil, let’s have a look. Now, there are generally two ways

300T/D Soybean Oil Solvent Extraction Plant Equipment

No. P/N. Equipment Name Model Q.T.Y Power Remarks 1 L303a Materials feeding scraper 1 TGLS32 7.5 Materials:Q235,Thickness:5mm/U?Type :Cast Steel,Explosion-Proof Motor,Line speed:0.25m/s 2 V301 Storage tank 1 ZCX180 0 Materials:Q235,Thickness:4mm 3 L301 Seal auger 1 MLS32 4 Materials:Q235,Thickness:4mm,mechanical seal,Explosion-Proof Motor 4 V302 Drag chain extractor 1 TLJC180 5.5 Materials:Q235B/Body case:8mm/Oil bucketbottom:6mm/frequency control,Stainless?steel?grating,Explosion-Proof Motot 5 F301 Filter