Solvent extraction method fits for the pre-press of the high-oil-content materials like the sesame seeds and the second extraction of the low-oil-content materials like the soybean.
Solvent extraction is a method that uses the solvent to separate the various components inside the material sample. It’s commonly used in a deal with liquid, gas as well as solid.

Solvent Extraction Process

1. Pre-treatment Process

Pretreatment Equipment which is used to pre-treat the raw material includes: shelling and husking equipment, sieving equipment, and roasting machine.

2. Pre-pressing System

Pre-pressing Equipment include oil pre-pressing equipment, Steam, and frying machine. This step is to press the raw material into crude oil.

3. Solvent Extracting System ( Extracting Equipment, Desolventizer Toaster )

Solvent extraction is the core process of a complete edible oil extraction production line, which uses the organic solvent to extract oil from the oilseeds. The materials are sent to rotary extraction by the scraper conveyor, extracted by the solvent to dissolve the oil fats. after this step, you will get the meal and mixed oil.

4. Oil Refinery Equipment (Oil pump, Oil filter, Decolouration)

However, the crude oil can’t be used for diet directly because of the various impurities produced in the leaching process. There exist some impurities that are harmful to human being. So it is necessary for further processing which we call it refinery system. The processing system includes degumming, neutralization, decolorization, distillation, and deodorization. After a series of purifying process, the edible oil is got.

5. Winterization (Designed for especially cold areas)

Winterization is also a major part due to some clients’ demands especially for those in the cold climate areas.

6. Oil Filling & Packing

Packing is the final process. You can choose different packing methods according to the clients’ encapsulation demands, like jar packing or barrel packing. The packing method should consider the principle of convenience and cost-saving for transportation.