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Hydraulic Oil Press Strong Continuity

Hydraulic Oil Press, and this product related to the common sense, which is our industry to know and master, but also can not be careless, otherwise it will affect the overall understanding of the product. So then, in order to meet the above requirements, we immediately to carry out, hoping to give you some help

Electric & Manual Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Instruction

I. Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Technical Parameters Model Pressure Inside diameter Outside diameter Power Oil Output (Sesame) Handling capacity Weight Dimensions HDC-50T 50T 170mm 180mm Hand 20-30kg/day 50kg/h 160kg 300*200*700(mm) HDC-80T 80T 170mm 180mm Hand 20-30kg/day 50kg/h 180kg 300*200*700(mm) HDC-100T 100T 170mm 180mm Hand 20-30kg/day 50kg/h 200kg 300*200*700(mm) II. Hydraulic Oil Press Machine Specification Manual