Hydraulic Oil Press Strong Continuity

Hydraulic Oil Press, and this product related to the common sense, which is our industry to know and master, but also can not be careless, otherwise it will affect the overall understanding of the product. So then, in order to meet the above requirements, we immediately to carry out, hoping to give you some help to promote their own learning process

1, hydraulic press, which uses a welded structure or casting structure, the difference is what?

Hydraulic press, which uses a welded structure, then it is better than the pressure of the casting structure to withstand the capacity. So for some large or high pressure hydraulic press, are using welded structure.

2, hydraulic press for the die of the tool, the material is what? What is the material of the hydraulic pad?

Hydraulic Oil Press for the die of the tool, the material is generally selected carbon or alloy tool steel, and to heat treatment Caixing, so that the hardness of HRC60 or so, or can not be used. A pad of hydraulic press, which is usually made of concrete.

The accuracy of the hydraulic press determines the accuracy of the parts

In general, for the general use of precision machining parts, the accuracy of the hydraulic press used to determine the accuracy of parts. However, only the accuracy of static pressure to measure the accuracy of the press is not very accurate. This is because the size of the mechanical strength of the press itself has a great impact on the stamping accuracy. If the strength of the press itself is low, it will make the pressure machine Ao in the moment to reach the punching pressure deformation occurs, so that the conditions even in the static tone is very good, but also due to the impact of the strength caused by deformation of the bed, There is a difference. It can be seen that the accuracy of the press and the strength of a great relationship, and the strength of the size of the stamping work has a great impact, so in the punching of high precision workpiece and continuous cold stamping production, must use precision High, and rigid presses.

The press is a compact, versatile press. With a wide range of uses, high production efficiency, presses can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. Through the metal blanks to exert a strong pressure on the metal plastic deformation and fracture to be processed into parts. Mechanical press work by the motor through the V-belt drive large pulley, through the gears and clutch drive crank slider mechanism, so that the slider and punch straight down. The mechanical press is moved upwards after the forging work is completed, the clutch is automatically disengaged, and the actuator on the crankshaft is turned on so that the slider stops near the top dead center.

Before the formal operation by the idle test, to confirm the normal part of the work before. Before starting the machine should clean up all the unnecessary items on the table to prevent the car vibration or damage caused by the impact of the slider suddenly started. Operation must use the tool, is strictly prohibited by hand directly into the mold extract, hand tools can not be placed on the mold.

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