Edible Oil Processing Plant How To Save, To Reduce Oxidation

Edible oil production process What kind of good? At present, the oil-making process of edible oil in our country mainly has two kinds of leaching and squeezing. Among them, more than 80% of the edible oil manufacturers used the leaching method, only less than 20% of the edible oil used the crushing process. The oil is extracted with high oil yield, The advantage of low price occupies the main share of edible oil market in our country. However, in recent years,Edible Oil Processing Plant squeeze oil in the “Health and safety” banner vigorously into the edible oil market, for a time won the majority of businesses and consumers greatly agree.

It is understood that the squeezing method and the leaching method are two different kinds of oil production process. Squeezing method is the use of pure physical press oil process, after the selection, baking, physical press, and finally by natural plant fiber filtration technology production. This method does not involve adding chemicals, preserves the rich nutrients in the oil, and does not pollute the chemical solvent, Does not contain any chemical preservative antioxidants, to ensure that the product safety, purity, nutrition, delicacy, in line with human health needs,Edible Oil Processing Plant suitable for long-term rest assured consumption. But the downside is that the oil rate is low. Squeeze oil Process “is currently used in the domestic basic oil, olive oil, nut oil, sesame oils and other high-grade oils.”

How long is the best time to use the edible oil? Store food is a lot of people’s habits, especially the elderly, often encounter supermarket discounts promotional activities, will hoard a lot of things. In fact, things have “longevity”, which is not the shelf life we often call, but the best time to eat food. Kaifeng after the food, in the “Life” The period of time to eat, but also to protect health and nutrition. Peanut oil and other types of edible oil are also the same reason.

How is edible oil stored correctly? The edible oil after Kaifeng is particularly resistant to storage because it is easily oxidized and rancid, and the edible oil after rancid is not only affected by taste and taste, but also poses a threat to our health. So how can edible oil be preserved to reduce its oxidation?

When buying oil, if the household population is not large, it is recommended to choose small package of edible oil, so as to reduce the storage time of oil.

Two. When the edible oil is stored at home, try to put the oil in the place of avoiding light and low temperature.

Three. If you are worried about the oxidation of edible oil, you can go to the pharmacy to spend a few dollars, buy a bottle of vitamin E, and then in the oil drums into one or two tablets,Edible Oil Processing Plant can delay the occurrence of oxidation.

Four. You can use a black plastic bag to cover the edible oil so that you can avoid light and reduce contact with the air.

Five. If the oil is poured back in the oil pot to use, the position of the oil pot placed, to avoid the hearth side window, where the oxidation occurs.

Six. The new oil and the old oil do not mix together, because if the old oil has oxidized and rancid, it is easy to infect new oil.

Seven. Pour the oil into the oil pot and use it within one week as far as possible.

Eight. Large barrels of edible oil, as far as possible within three months of consumption.

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