The Factors that Affect Oil Press Service Life and Oil Yield

In the daily operation of oil press,  it is easy to affect machine service life and oil yield due to misoperation.

Before using the hydraulic oil press, you should keep the machine idle for a while and check whether the  functioning sound of gearbox and machine is normal. Then, prepare all auxiliary devices and containers, check and adjust the tightness of conveyor belt. When the oil press machine keeps idle, the electric current should be 3A. If not, stop it and check.

If the oil cake (oil meal, de-oiled cake) is too crispy  and of  a large block, or the oil bubble increases, it indicates the oil seeds are too wet. In the normal condition, there is little oil residue among the circle line, and the oil meal cake should be flaky.  One side of the oil cake nearby the pressing shaft  is smooth and the other side has a lot of cracks. If the oil residue is of fine flake, it indicates the water is too much. If the oil cake is of powder product, it shows the water is little. In addition, according to the place where the oil comes from, we can make sure whether the pressed water is appropriate. If the pressed water content is too high or too low, the oil outlet will put back.

When the oil press machine is running normally, keep the row line evenly, or else it will affect oil press service life and oil yield.

The physical oil pressing method doesn’t need heating. Our automatic screw oil press doesn’t need to add any chemical materials and it is equipped with oil filter device. It is easy to operate with long service life and no wearing parts.

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