Do you know more about the pomade oil?

Sesame oil can be divided into two categories according to its aroma characteristics:

One is sesame oil, which has a strong or significant aroma of sesame oil. The special components in sesame are processed by the high-temperature stir-frying process to produce special fragrant substances, which makes sesame oil have unique fragrance, different from other edible vegetable oils, so it is called fragrant oil. According to the processing technology, fragrant oil can be divided into two kinds: mill fragrant oil and mechanism fragrant oil.


Second, ordinary sesame oil, light fragrance. It is processed by common pressing, leaching or other methods.

Sesame oil is more suitable for storage than other vegetable oils because it contains a certain amount of vitamin E and sesame phenol, sesame phenol forest and other substances that are unique to sesame oil.

Main problems

According to the problems existing in recent years, the main problems of fragrant oil are as follows:

  • Adding other vegetable oils into sesame oil or extracting residual oil from waste oil residue to make it better.
  • The product external label is inconsistent with the enterprise standard. Such products are often not specified in the external label of the product, while other vegetable oils can be added in the enterprise standard, which makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish.
  • Sesame oil sold in the market mainly comes from small individual workshops, which have no scale of production, lack of quality control means, and labels often change.
  • Many vegetable markets and fairs have stalls for processing sesame oil on the spot, but the water substitution method can not be made in the market because of the technological requirements, while the crushing method is to use other edible oils to soak sesame seeds before extracting them. Sesame crude oil accounts for about one-half of the total.
  • part of the store is to use the essence of food blending other edible oil shoddy, to seek high profit.

Adulteration of sesame oil has always existed. Vegetable oil, and lack of quantitative basis. The range of fatty acid composition of sesame oil is stipulated in CODEXSTAN 26-1981, which provides a feasible basis for identifying adulteration of sesame oil. Because the market price of sesame oil is higher than that of other vegetable oils, offenders use the special and strong fragrance of sesame oil to add other vegetable oils to sesame oil and sell it as sesame oil, making huge profits from it, seriously harming the interests of consumers.

appropriate crowd

The average person is edible. 2 to 4 grams each time. Patients with habitual constipation drink a mouthful of balsam on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, which can moisten the intestines and relieve constipation; it is also suitable for people suffering from vascular sclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, dry stool, Ascaris intestinal obstruction, and other diseases; balsam is also suitable for heavy manual workers and people with smoking habits and alcoholism.

The survey found that pregnant and lactating women eat more sesame oil can help speed up the removal of bad blood, supplement the loss of vitamin E, iron, calcium, and other body nutrition badly needed, improve resistance. Especially in pregnancy and lactation, women eat more sesame oil, which can help women better protect their health and promote metabolism. At the same time, sesame oil does not contain harmful ingredients to the human body but contains particularly rich vitamin E and linoleic acid. Linoleic acid can reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and promote microcirculation. Vitamin E supplementation can increase female estrogen concentration, improve fertility and prevent abortion.


Inappropriate crowd

People suffering from dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and other diseases should avoid eating more fragrant oil.


10 to 20 grams per day.

Purchase and storage

Pure millet oil is red copper, clear and fragrant.

Put fresh fragrant oil into a small glass bottle. Put 500 grams of fragrant oil into salt according to the proportion of 1 gram of salt. Cover the bottle cap tightly and shake constantly. After salinization, put it in the dark. After 3 days, pour the fragrant oil into the dark glass bottle, do not use rubber stoppers, and eat at shelter.

Main process

Small millet fragrance oil is mainly produced by water substitution method.

Grinding of stone mill

The process of stone grinding is low temperature and low pressure, and the process temperature is only 60 – 65 C, so it will not destroy the aromatic substances and functional nutrients in the fragrant oil.

Oil extraction by water substitution

It is easy to separate oil embryos with high-quality drinking water. No chemical solvent is needed in the process of oil extraction, so there is no residual chemical solvent. At the same time, heavy metals harmful to the human body are precipitated from the fragrant oil by the production process of water substitution method, so the fragrant oil produced by this method is completely healthy.

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