Why should to introduce newest oil palm processing technology instead of local palm oil machine in African countries?

Due to the low efficient processing technology of the local palm oil machine and the production of crude palm oil can not meet the local demands, many African countries have to import large quantities of palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia. Besides, the quality of crude palm oil produced by the local method is not good. Therefore, introducing the newest oil palm processing technology instead of a local palm oil machine is a top priority in many African countries.

The oil palm processing technology in local Africa

But the large scale standard oil palm processing technology used in Malaysia is not suitable for African actual situation. So the engineers of Henan Doing Company have been studying the small scale oil palm processing technology that suitable for the African market. They design the latest oil palm processing technology depending on the previous experience, continuously to improve the palm oil processing machine performance.


The small scale palm oil processing line contains all the sections in large scale palm oil mill plants, but it is more simple and costs less. And comparing with local oil palm processing technology, it is more efficiency, saving labor and with a high oil yield rate.

First, due to the fresh palm fruit bunches are very hard and not easy to separate the palm fruits from the bunches, the people in local need separate the fruits by hand spending several days after harvesting, Which will cause palm fruits rancidity, and make the crude palm oil with very high acid value.


So sterilizing is the first important section in the whole palm oil processing technology. The palm fruit bunches must be sterilized within 24 hours after harvesting from the palm plantations. After, the palm fruit not only won’t be rancidity but also are very easy to be threshed.


After separating the fruits, the local people will press the oil palm by the local expeller. This expeller is very low efficiency, and need the workers to operate by manual.


If you use the palm oil press machine of Henan Doing Company, the oil palm should be digested firstly, and then be pressed by palm oil press machine automatically. In 1-5tph small palm oil processing plant, the double screw palm oil press machine is used, which is also our specially designed machine. It has been exported to many countries in Africa. Except for the double screw palm oil press machine, we also have a 500kg/h single-screw palm oil press machine, suitable for home use.


Next is the purification section in palm oil processing. The local method is to use the water to boil the crude palm oil to separate the impurities. But this way can not remove all the impurities, and there will be some water stay in the oil, which will influence the storage time of the crude palm oil.


In our designing 1-5tph palm oil processing line, use the vibrating screen to remove the fibers, and then use the oil clarification tank to separate the sands, finally after being filtered by plate-filter, use the vacuum dryer to dry the crude palm oil. By this processing, all the impurities in crude palm oil will be removed.

Now, do you think it is necessary to introduce the newest oil palm processing technology in Africa? The government of African countries has been aware of it. They are developing the local industrial now, and the automatic and new technology palm oil processing plant will be the trend.

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