Four main effects of sesame oil

1.Relieve constipation

Sesame oil has a large amount of oil, and has a good effect of moistening intestines and relieving constipation. It has a certain preventive effect and curative effect on constipation. People who suffer from constipation can moisten their intestines and relieve constipation by drinking a mouthful of fragrant oil on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

2.Delaying senescence

Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, which has the function of promoting cell division and delaying aging. Lecithin in sesame oil is also rich, they are important components of longevity and anti-aging.

Long-term use of perfume oil for middle-aged and old people can not only moisturize the skin, but also remove freckles, especially senile freckles, but also prevent hair loss and premature white hair.

3.Promoting digestion and absorption

Sesame oil has a strong fragrance. For the middle-aged and old people whose digestive function has been weakened, it can not only increase appetite, but also be conducive to the absorption of nutrients. Essence oil itself has a high digestibility and absorptivity of 98%. Tao Hongjing, an ancient health scientist, called it “among the eight valleys, only this is good”.

4·Smooth hair

When hair is slightly bifurcated, first let the hair absorb enough nutrients. You can wet the hair tip slightly, apply moist sesame oil, wrap it in a hot towel and cover it for about 20 minutes. Then you can eat a “nutritious meal” for your hair. Then you can clean it according to the usual shampoo procedure, so that once a week, after several consecutive times, the rough hair tip will become soft.

Sesame oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which helps blood circulation in scalp and moisturizes hair. Sesame oil also contains linolenic acid, vitamin E and its coexistence, can prevent linolenic acid from being easily oxidized, and linolenic acid can soften blood vessels, make blood flow more smoothly, accelerate the speed of the scalp absorption of nutrients.

Two taboos on edible sesame oil

Fragrant oil is not suitable for high temperature cooking. High temperature cooking can destroy the nutrient components of fragrant oil, make sesame phenol and other volatile, and the fragrance disappears. Therefore, fragrant oil is most suitable for salad, soup, filling and flavor snacks.

Owing to the rich oil content in the sesame oil, or will provide human body heat, so we should regard the sesame oil as a good edible oil, rather than eating it as a meal!


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