Different Application of Oil Residue

After coconut oil pressing, there would be residue which needs recycling. Japanese Oil Industry Company has adopted a spraying method that injecting gas in high speed under high temperature. During the process, the coconut meal will be carbonized under high temperature, then gasified and cooled to recycle the coconut oil which is used in plastics, rubber,

Does Olive Oil Contain Vitamin E?

Olive oil is derived from the fruit of olive trees. There are many types of olive oils, each with unique flavors and qualities. Virgin olive oil, for example, refers to olive oil that has not been synthetically treated. Common uses of olive oil include the base for salad dressings and dips for breads. Olive oil,

A Healthy Substitute for Olive Oil

Many recipes call for olive oil, from dressings to marinades to stir-fry. While olive oil is flavorful and high in healthy fats, it can be expensive. Trying your favorite recipes with other healthful oils may save you money and can add different flavors to your favorite dishes. A bit of oil is essential for a

How to processing and refining edible oils

Processing can remove the components of edible oils which may have negative effects on taste, stability, appearance or nutritional value. To the extent possible, processing should preserve tocopherols and prevent chemical changes in the triacyglycerols. Rural vegetable oil production Rural oil extraction usually occurs near the areas of raw material production. This provides the smallscale