Oil Workshop—Unlimited Business Opportunities

With the development of economic and the improvement of human living standards, people have changed their idea from “food and clothing” to the new concept of “eat healthily with nutrients”. Our oil press machine has adopted physical press completely. The pressed oil does not contain any chemical solvents. And this oil has all the nutrition

Oil Extraction Equipment—Oil Solvent Extraction

Extraction, also known as solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction, also known as extraction, is a unit operation that utilizes different solubility of components in the system in a solvent to separate the mixture. That is, it is a method of transferring a solute from one solvent to another by utilizing the difference in the degree

Sunflower Seeds Oil Production Industry Analysis

Sunflower is one of the most important oilseed crops in the world. Global production grew steadily in last 25 years and is expected a total world output close to 60 million tones towards 2050, therefore the sunflower seed oil production industry will be definitely boost and get favorable opportunities to development. In Russia, fat and

How to Choose and Purchase Screw Oil Press?

Want to get the screw oil press of high quality? Amisy, as professional oil press manufacturer with years of experience, would give you some suggestions to help you to get the satisfactory products. Why is the fact that these motor powers of many screw oil press are different, even if the capacity is same, the powers are