Edible Oil Solvent Extraction Equipment

Solvent extraction method fits for the pre-press of the high-oil-content materials like the sesame seeds and the second extraction of the low-oil-content materials like the soybean. Solvent extraction is a method that uses the solvent to separate the various components inside the material sample. It’s commonly used in a deal with liquid, gas as well as

A New Way to Utilize the Soybean Oil Cakes

The soybean is a kind of legumes that are rich in protein. Generally, the oil content of soybean is about 22%, and the rot yield is above 300%. Facts have proved that the value and benefits of soybean would be 2-3 times of the original if you do as follows. Firstly, extract the soybean oil with screw

Oil Workshop—Unlimited Business Opportunities

With the development of economic and the improvement of human living standards, people have changed their idea from “food and clothing” to the new concept of “eat healthily with nutrients”. Our oil press machine has adopted physical press completely. The pressed oil does not contain any chemical solvents. And this oil has all the nutrition

Oil Extraction Equipment—Oil Solvent Extraction

Extraction, also known as solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction, also known as extraction, is a unit operation that utilizes different solubility of components in the system in a solvent to separate the mixture. That is, it is a method of transferring a solute from one solvent to another by utilizing the difference in the degree