extraction production process

Production Process There are two production processes oils and fats. For materials with high oil contents (over 30%), it uses the pressing process. For raw materials with lower levels of oil, it uses the solvent extraction. In the extraction by pressing the residual oil content of the raw material is around 10%, while in this

Is Corn Oil Healthy?

Corn oil fits in perfectly with a healthy diet. It’s full of good fats and a powerful antioxidant that can keep you in tip-top shape. Even though corn oil can be beneficial, it’s incredibly high in calories. Always use the smallest amount possible while cooking and pour into measuring spoons to help you monitor your

Safflower Oil & Weight Loss

Although you can include safflower oil — in moderation — in your diet and successfully shed pounds, consuming safflower oil regularly isn’t a guarantee you’ll lose weight. But safflower oil can provide you with some health benefits during your weight-loss journey and may affect your body fat. Reducing your overall calorie intake and eating safflower