Why Need an Oil Seeds Roaster

Oil pressing can be divided into cold pressing and hot pressing. Some oil seeds such as peanuts and cotton seeds are suitable for hot pressing because of their specialty. So cooking or frying is necessary when pressing these materials. This process can not only ensure high oil yield but make the oil tastier. Our oilseed roaster

Safflower Oil Substitutes

Safflower oil’s usefulness as a cooking oil and a skin care product stems from its healthy fat content. Safflower oil is rich in omega-6 fats, also known as linoleic acids. It acts as heart-healthy cooking oil as well as a nourishing, clear carrier oil for sensitive skin. If you can’t obtain safflower oil, or have

Can Fish Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

Some people may eat fish for fish oil, or take fish oil supplements in order to maintain their health. Most of the benefits that fish oil offers come from its generous supply of omega-3 fatty acids, otherwise known as “good” fats. These good fats can reduce inflammation, which can result in problems such as high

The Difference: Natural Vs. Organic Cosmetics

Every morning the majority of women wake up to paint their faces with a collection of colors. What some don’t stop to think about is what they’re actually putting on their skin. Too many cosmetics and skin care products today are riddled with hormone-disrupting, skin-irritating, health-ruining chemicals. Many of which have been linked to cancer.