Which Cooking Oil Is Best for Weight Loss?

Switching from a diet high in saturated fat to one high in monounsaturated fat may help you lose a small amount of extra weight even if you don’t eat fewer calories, according to a study published in the “British Journal of Nutrition” in September 2003. No single cooking oil is suitable for all uses, but

Jojoba Oil Vs. Coconut Oil

You’ll find both jojoba and coconut oils in skincare products. Jojoba oil mainly is used as a skin or hair conditioning ingredient. Coconut oil is found in a variety of cosmetic products including lipstick, skin care products, shaving cream, tanning products and bath products. You also may find both of these oils or their derivatives

Does Fish Oil Improve Condition of Skin?

Fish oil is a kind of nutritional oil derived from the tissue of fish. Mackerel, herring, trout, flounder, tuna and salmon are abundant in oil. It is used for the skin, brain and immune system. Oil in the diet does not necessarily translate to improved functionality in these areas, but the consumption of fish oil