Can Fish Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

Some people may eat fish for fish oil, or take fish oil supplements in order to maintain their health. Most of the benefits that fish oil offers come from its generous supply of omega-3 fatty acids, otherwise known as “good” fats. These good fats can reduce inflammation, which can result in problems such as high

The Difference: Natural Vs. Organic Cosmetics

Every morning the majority of women wake up to paint their faces with a collection of colors. What some don’t stop to think about is what they’re actually putting on their skin. Too many cosmetics and skin care products today are riddled with hormone-disrupting, skin-irritating, health-ruining chemicals. Many of which have been linked to cancer.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil A lot of information is swirling around out there about the potential benefits and drawbacks of coconut oil.  So, let’s break it down!  Why should you be reaching for coconut oil for skincare and household needs?  Well, for one, because your skin and hair will sincerely thank you!  And, isn’t that reason enough?!

Why An Olive Oil Skin Care Routine Is Good For You

Here’s a hot tip from the original beauty icon, Cleopatra: Make olive oil a central part of your skincare routine. Well before the insights of modern science, the Queen of the Nile knew bathing with olive oil would give her softer, brighter skin. Now, centuries later, research backs up Cleopatra’s beauty philosophy and presents additional