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The industry trend and prospect of vegetable oil production and consumption in Nigeria

In Nigeria, over 30 million hectares of farmland is under cultivation season to season, but still short of feeding its growing population. Thus, the Nigerian government has paid more attention to the vegetable oil production industry and published many policies to support its development, helping address the country’s dependence on food imports totaling nearly 11

Do you know more about the pomade oil?

Pomade oil, extracted from sesame, has a special fragrance, so it is called fragrant oil. According to the extraction method, it is generally divided into a pressing method, filter pressing method, and water substitution method. Millet oil is made by the traditional process water substitution method. Fragrant oil Feature Fragrant oil, also known as sesame oil,

Niger Seed Oil Nutritional Fact

Niger seed oil is extracted from niger seed of the niger plant (Guizotia abyssinica). The niger plant is an annual herb that is cultivated, especially in Ethiopia, Malawi, and India, for its seeds and edible oil. Niger Seed Oil Nutritional Fact 100 grams of niger oil provides the following nutrients; Ascorbic acids 9% Calcium 5

Is your cooking oil safe?

Edible oil is one of the important nutrients needed by human body and plays an important role in human health. However, many consumers are confused by the “sub-headings” on various kinds of edible oil packages on supermarket shelves: the same is edible oil, what is the difference in the quality of oil refined by different