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How many nutrients does corn oil contain?

Vitamin is an indispensable nutrient to maintain the normal function of the human body. It is a kind of low molecular organic compound closely related to the metabolism of the human body. It is a component of many enzymes that play an important regulatory role in the metabolism of substances. Although the human body needs

What do you know more about the Rapeseed oil?

Edible Guide Grease has a certain shelf life. Do not consume oil that has been stored for too long. because there is some “green smell”, so it is not suitable for direct use in cold dishes. Avoid repeated use of oil after high-temperature heating. The content of oleic acid in unsaturated fatty acids of high-quality

More about the rapeseed oil do you know?

Basic Information Chinese name:Rapeseed oil Foreign name:colza oil another name:Vegetable oil, rapeseed oil, coriander oil main ingredient:Rapeseed Whether it contains preservatives: no Main nutrients:Erucic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid Main consumption effect:Run dry insecticide, reduce swelling, scattered fire Dan  Contents 1.Food introduction 2.Classification 3.Nutrient content 4.Production 5.Edible guide 6.Main effect 7.Taboos and side effects