More about the rapeseed oil do you know?

Basic Information

Chinese name:Rapeseed oil

Foreign name:colza oil

another name:Vegetable oil, rapeseed oil, coriander oil

main ingredient:Rapeseed

Whether it contains preservatives: no

Main nutrients:Erucic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid

Main consumption effect:Run dry insecticide, reduce swelling, scattered fire Dan

 Contents 1.Food introduction
3.Nutrient content
5.Edible guide
6.Main effect
7.Taboos and side effects

Food introduction


Raw material alias: rapeseed oil, rapeseed oil, rapeseed oil, canola oil, coriander oil, the main producing area in southwest China.


The canned rapeseed oil is commonly known as vegetable oil, also known as coriander oil, which is a transparent or translucent liquid obtained by extracting the seeds of the cruciferous plant Brassica (ie, rapeseed). Rapeseed oil has a golden or brownish color and has a certain pungent odor. The folk is called “green scent”. This gas is caused by a certain amount of mustard meal, but the rapeseed of the premium variety does not contain such substances, such as high oleic rapeseed oil and canola oil.


It is one of the main edible oils in China. It is mainly produced in the Yangtze River Basin and southwest, northwest and other places. The output of the world’s first human body has a high absorption rate of rapeseed oil, reaching 99%. Therefore, it contains nutrients such as linoleic acid, such as unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which are well absorbed by the body and have a certain effect of softening blood vessels and delaying aging.


Since the raw material of oil extraction is a plant species, it usually contains certain seed phospholipids, which is very important for the development of blood vessels, nerves and brain.

Rapeseed oil has little or no cholesterol, so people who control cholesterol intake can safely eat it.

Rapeseed oil is an oil with a particularly high erucic acid content. Whether it causes myocardial fat deposition and damage to the heart is still controversial. Therefore, patients with coronary heart disease and high blood pressure should pay attention to eating less.

Medicinal related


According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, vegetable oil is sweet, spicy and warm. It can moisturize and kill insects, disperse fire, and reduce swelling.

Yao Kecheng’s “Food Materia Medica” and said that the vegetable oil “applied to the head, so that the hair grows dark. The blood stasis, cold air, swelling, and dispersal. Treatment of difficult, postpartum diarrhea, red heat, red blood stasis.” Clinically used for aphid and food intestinal obstruction, the effect is better.

The first sight is contained in “Tiangong Kaiwu”: “Where the oil is served by the sputum… the scorpion is second.”

“Compendium of Materia Medica” means that rapeseed “fried oil, yellow, burning light is very clear, food is not as good as sesame oil. Nearly people because of oil, planting is also broad clouds.”


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