Nutritional value of rice bran oil

There are many kinds of edible oil, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, etc. Actually, rice bran oil is also edible oil, which is not as often mentioned as other oils, it has high nutritional value. So, what kind of oil is rice bran oil? What is the nutritional value of rice bran oil? Let’s us to see.

what kind of oil is rice bran oil?

Rice bran oil a kind of rice oil obtained by crushing or leaching as a byproduct of rice processing. Rice bran oil rate is 18%. It is composed of rice husk, dust, microorganism and secretion, paddy pericarp, seed coat, ectoderm, aleurone layer and embryo.Food-grade rice bran accounts for about 80% of the total weight of rice bran and more than 90% of the nutrition.Rice bran is also known as “mizhen” or “rice meal” because it accounts for only 6% of the weight of rice and about 60% of the nutrition of rice.

Other ingredients of rice bran oil

Unrefined bran oil contains 3 to 5.5% unsaponified matter.The acid value of rice bran oil is higher, which contains about 25% free acid. In addition, it also contains bran chip 1% ~ 5%, bran wax 3% ~ 9%, phospholipids 1% ~ 2% and a small amount of other impurities, such as oryzanol, sterol and high fatty alcohol.Fatty acid composition

The fatty acid composition of rice bran oil is relatively balanced, and it is rich in Ve, compound lipids, phospholipids, triene tocopherol, squalene, phytosterol (5%), oryzanol (0.5%) and other dozens of natural biological active ingredients, and the content of unsaturated fatty acid is as high as 80%.


Nutritional value of rice bran oil

Rice bran oil has high nutritional value. In developed countries such as Europe, America, South Korea and Japan, it is a kind of healthy nutrient oil as well as olive oil.

China is rich in raw materials of rice bran oil, but the production and consumption of rice bran oil is still in its infancy, with an annual output of less than 120,000 tons.Experts suggest accelerating the development of rice bran oil, so that this healthy nutrition oil into People’s Daily life as soon as possible

Mr Jiang xinzheng, a senior engineer at the oil engineering and technology research center of the state administration of grain, told xinhua that rice bran oil is a kind of edible oil with high nutritional value.The composition of rice bran is fat (15% ~ 22%), equivalent to the oil content of soybean (12% ~ 16%), protein (12% ~ 16%), nitrogen free extract (33% ~ 53%), water (7% ~ 14%), ash (8% ~ 12%).

Rice husk removed is brown rice, brown rice is composed of rice bran layer, embryo and endosperm, among which rice bran layer accounts for about 7.5% of the total weight of brown rice and about 2.5% of embryo.The rice bran layer is composed of pericarp, seed coat, ectoderm and aleurone layer.The oil in brown rice mainly concentrates in the aleurone layer of the embryo and rice bran layer, especially in the embryo.

Rice bran oil is a kind of vegetable oil rich in nutrition.The fatty acid composition, vitamin E, sterol, oryzanol and so on of rice bran oil are beneficial to human body absorption, have cleared the cholesterol in blood, reduce blood lipid, promote human body to grow and develop to wait for beneficial effect, thus rice bran oil is recognized at home and abroad nutrition healthy oil.At the same time, because the rice bran oil itself stability is good, suitable as the frying oil, but also can make margarine, shortening and advanced nutrition oil.

Rice bran oil contains about 38% linoleic acid and about 42% oleic acid, and the proportion of linoleic acid and oleic acid is about 1:1. From the perspective of modern nutrition, this proportion of oil has higher nutritional value.

Rice bran oil is rich in oryzanol, which is a family of compounds composed of dozens of sterols ferulic esters. It can prevent autosynthesis of cholesterol, reduce serum cholesterol concentration, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine and plant nerve functions, and promote the growth and development of human and animals.Oryzanol can promote skin microvascular circulation, protect the skin, but also for concussion and other diseases have curative effect.

Rice bran oil has been sold in the United States in many countries with a retail price of $2.6 to $3.0 per kilogram, far more than the cost of traditional cooking oils like soybean oil and peanut oil.

As an important area for processing rice bran oil, the areas producing rice in the Changjiang river basin and northeast China have resource advantages.Due to the limitation of processing technology, the processing of rice bran oil in China is still in its initial stage.In recent years, some domestic rice processing enterprises have tried to develop rice bran oil products and achieved some results.

The nutritive value of rice bran oil is quite high, and quantity of heat is low, adipose content also is low, accordingly, the person that suggests has high blood fat and heart cerebrovascular disease can try rice bran oil.



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