Nutritional value of rapeseed oil

The color of rapeseed oil is golden yellow or brown, and it has a certain stimulating smell. People call this smell “green smell”, which is caused by the fact that rapeseed oil contains a certain amount of glucosinolates in the finished product after oil extraction. However, the general quality rapeseed oil does not contain glucosinolates, so there is no such pungent smell.

Nutritional value of rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, carotene, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, sterols, soybean sterols, squalene, rapeseed oil sterols, cyclophane and so on.

In rapeseed oil, arachidonic acid is 0.4-1.0%, oleic acid 14-19%, linoleic acid 12-24%, erucic acid 31-55%, and linolenic acid 1-10%.

In terms of nutritional value, the human body can absorb 99% of rapeseed oil.Rapeseed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which can enable the human body to absorb the nutrients, which is of great significance for softening blood vessels and delaying senility.

And rapeseed oil contains almost no cholesterol, so people who need to control their cholesterol can safely eat it.

The raw material of rapeseed oil is the fruit of plants, so the finished rapeseed oil contains a certain amount of seed phospholipids, which plays an important role in the development of blood vessels, nerves and brain.

High levels of erucic acid in rapeseed oil are still controversial as to whether it can cause cardiac fatty deposition and damage to the heart, so patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension should try to eat less rapeseed oil.

Effect and function of rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil has the effect of nourishing deficiency and moistening intestines.

1. Clear the liver and benefit the gallbladder

People with liver and gallbladder problems, such as fatty liver, hepatitis, gallstones or cholecystitis, must choose rapeseed oil when cooking.

2. Reduce blood lipids and body weight

Rapeseed oil has a strong effect on promoting fat decomposition. For people with high blood fat and obesity, eating rapeseed oil can reduce fat and lose weight. In addition, rapeseed oil is an oil that is easy to digest and absorb in many edible oils, and its digestion and absorption rate in the human body reaches 99%.

3. Anti-inflammatory

Rapeseed oil can cool blood, detoxify and promote skin growth, so if you have burns on your body, use raw rapeseed oil to clean the injured area and promote healing.The ancients used it to treat rubella, eczema and various itchy skin

4. Eye candy

Rapeseed oil can help the eyes resist the stimulation of various strong light, and has an important role in preventing senile eye disease and amblyopia in children.

5. Softening blood vessels and delaying senility

Canola oil contains unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which can soften blood vessels and delay aging.

6. Brain development

Seed phospholipids in rapeseed oil are beneficial to the development of blood vessels, nerves and brain.

When using rapeseed oil for cooking, it is best to pour rapeseed oil into the pot to heat it. When smelling the strong fragrance, add ingredients for cooking, so that the green smell in rapeseed oil can be removed

Rapeseed oil is lack of essential fatty acids, such as oleic acid, and is not very unbalanced in composition. Its nutritional value is slightly lower than that of ordinary vegetable oil. Therefore, it is better to eat rapeseed oil with good oil rich in linoleic acid.

The use of rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil output rate is very high, can reach 35% to 45% commonly, its main function is to press edible oil.

In addition to direct consumption, rapeseed oil is also widely used in industry.As a lubricant in the casting steel industry, it is widely used in machinery, rubber, chemical industry, plastics, paint, textile and medicine.For example, in recent years, the biodiesel project has been developed to convert rapeseed oil into biodiesel, making it an ideal substitute for petroleum diesel oil.

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