Buying sunflower oil, it is easy to be “fudged” by several questions

The color of sunflower oil is clear and light yellow, and the taste is fresh and not greasy. It is a leader in vegetable oils. It is used as a high-grade nutritional edible oil in developed countries in Europe and America as well as in Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Cooking in cooking. As a recognized healthy nut oil, sunflower oil contains a lot of essential fatty acids, linoleic acid content of more than 60%, and the average content of unsaturated fatty acids is as high as 87%. More importantly, sunflower seeds are rich in trace amounts of active substances such as vitamin E, which is very beneficial to human health. With the increasing cultural exchanges between China and the West, Chinese consumers have begun to increase their willingness to accept a healthy and natural food culture. Sunflower oil has begun to be on the table of Chinese people. Sunflower oil is naturally more and more used as a healthy edible oil. Consumers’ favor, sales continue to rise, and currently the domestic market can not fully meet the market demand, imported sunflower oil in the Chinese market is also a flourishing.

There is competition in the market, which is also a normal market behavior. But often the fast-growing industry inevitably has a lot of discordant things. Here, I am not going to give you a general knowledge of how to choose sunflower oil. I am here to give you a talk about how I have visited and communicated a lot of information and found some that are not familiar and easy to be ignored. Something, I asked a lot of sunflower oil consumers, basically do not understand the information in this regard. At the same time, these issues have not involved illegality. It should be regarded as a reasonable and legally earning conscience.


Let me break the cats in the production and sales of these sunflower oils one by one:

How can I buy high quality sunflower oil? Here is a summary of some sunflower oil purchase tips to share with everyone, I hope you can buy quality sunflower oil:

Is it clearly marked “non-GMO”?

This is everyone’s concern, is genetic modification safe? The argument has not stopped. Whether sunflower oil is genetically modified at present, there are different opinions on the Internet. Regardless of the situation, I think as a consumer, you must be very concerned about whether this is a genetic modification? At present, non-GMO prices are generally higher than the price of genetically modified. Do not buy genetically modified sunflower oil with non-GMO money, you will lose money! Not to mention that you are deeply in love with non-GMOs, so be sure to keep your eyes open and careful. Of course, domestic sunflower oil is not labeled as such, but imported sunflower oil, some of which are genuinely marked, will be marked. For example, some European countries legally prohibit non-GM sales, so it will be required to mark whether it is non-GMO. It is non-transgenic sunflower oil itself, and manufacturers will definitely highlight their own “non-GMO” key points.

Is sunflower oil but not the same sunflower oil:

It sounds a bit circumventing. Does the insider know what it means? But most consumers must be unintelligible. What exactly does it mean? It means that many sunflower oil brands hit the ball, shoddy to seek higher profits or grab more market share in this way. For example, the sunflower oil labeled with sunflower oil is labeled as a pressed sunflower oil, but there is no mark for several grades, so that he can replace it with secondary or even tertiary four-grade sunflower oil. So you can’t say that he violated the law, because this bucket of sunflower oil is pressed, it is sunflower oil;

In addition, there is also a pressing level, which does not necessarily mean that all oils are pressed at the first level. However, sunflower oil contains a certain proportion of pressed first-grade sunflower oil. As for the proportion, it is not clearly marked. Written here, is it a little nameless fire, shameless! This is why I like to buy imported products, especially imported food. This has nothing to do with patriotism and patriotism. Is patriotism unconditionally affected by these profiteers? Then, what is the age of this? ! Is it normal for our products to be exported to the world and good global products to be imported into China?

At this time, is there a feeling of helplessness? In fact, I don’t need to be so discouraged. I recommend you pay attention to a line of English: 100% pure, which means that the edible oil is 100% of the same quality. If the imported Chinese label has a crushing level, then this sunflower oil is really you. The true child, is definitely a product of conscience! This kind of product only appears in some global sunflower oil brands that are sold simultaneously.


Imported sunflower oil has a mystery:

Raw material imports refer to sunflower seeds imported from abroad and processed sunflower oil. The barcode is a domestic barcode;

Imports of crude oil refer to the import of sunflower oil from abroad, one of which is imported from the country after importing foreign sunflower oil, and the other is imported directly processed edible sunflower oil. After returning to China, the method of filling and dispensing will be carried out. The barcode is a domestic barcode.

Original bottle imported refers to sunflower oil that has been directly filled from foreign factories’ dust-free food processing workshops and passed the quality inspection of two countries.

Choose to press sunflower oil or choose to refine sunflower oil?

If you have bought olive oil, you know that the best grade of olive oil is extra virgin olive oil, which is the ripe olive fruit picking, the best uncorrupted olive fruit is washed and the first physical squeeze The oil is extra virgin olive oil and is the best oil in olive oil. The pressed olive fruit can also be squeezed several times and the oil is also the best in olive oil, but the grade of extra virgin olive oil is slightly lower; the olive fruit can only pass the chemical reagent after it can not be oiled by physical pressing. By chemically reacting olive fruit, this process of cooking oil is called leaching, and some are called refining. Chemical reagents are added strictly according to food quality standards, and will not cause harm to human body. It can also be used for frying. But not for use in cold mixes.

In fact, sunflower oil is the same, you know what is better sunflower oil.


Note that there is also a level of crushing sunflower oil:

The physical press cooking oil has a pressing level, a pressing level 2, a pressing level 3, and a pressing season; the pressing level is the best; so when you choose sunflower oil, don’t just pay attention to the pressing type, you need to pay attention to the sunflower seed barrel. There is no labeling level on the label. Most sunflower oils will be marked with “pressing level” if they are pressed. If it is not “pressing level”, it will not be labeled. The quality of this sunflower oil. The level may be that the second or third level and the fourth level are pressed. With the continuous advancement of edible oil refining technology, refining is actually sub-level, the first level is better than the second level, and the second level is better than the third and fourth level quality division standards.

Dear consumer friends, the above-mentioned sunflower oil is greasy, has it been ignored by you? From now on, you have already trained a pair of eyes!


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