Committed to ensuring that palm oil is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative fuel

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Dale Regent said that Malaysia, as a major producer of palm oil in the world, will ensure that palm oil continues to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative fuel for the world market.

He issued a statement today that palm oil is a viable option for China to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels because palm oil has great potential as a renewable energy source.

“As the world’s largest palm oil exporter and second largest producer, we are committed to ensuring that this raw product sector can evolve into an industry that benefits the global market, especially the energy and transportation ecosystem.”

He said that biofuels as a viable option for fossil fuels have recently received significant attention because biofuels are derived from crops and can be used to achieve sustainable renewable energy through planting crops, while fossil fuels are depleted energy. It takes millions of years to generate, and it consumes much faster than the build speed.

“Biofuels have carbon neutral properties because the carbon dioxide consumed in the process of growing biofuel feedstocks can offset the carbon footprint.”

In addition, Dale Rejing said that Malaysian Palm Oil Bureau, Malaysian Automobile, Robotics and Internet of Things Research Institute, Malaysian Institute of Specifications and Industrial Research (SIRIM) and other institutions have the technical ability to enhance the global renewable energy of palm oil. Competitiveness.

“Malaysia introduced B10 biofuels in the local transportation market in December 2018, and the palm oil content increased from 7% of B7 biofuels to 10%.”

He said that the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Industry and Industry will focus on introducing B20 biodiesel with higher palm oil content in 2020. The two departments are also studying whether to incorporate the B20/B30 biofuel-characteristic vehicle into the national automobile policy.

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