Amazing coconut oil

Coconuts have become popular in recent years.Coconut water is available in many places, and coconut powder replaces flour used in baked goods and coconut milk is used in curry dishes. According to the report by foreign website remedydaily, coconut, a large tropical seed, is not only delicious, but also good for your health. Coconut oil

Recognize Edible Fats

The importance of oil to the human body Source of heat: Equivalent lipids can produce twice as much calories as proteins and carbohydrates (such as starch). It can provide essential fatty acids that the human body cannot synthesize. The proper oil can not only maintain the health of blood vessels and nerves, but also avoid

Walnut Oil Equipment for Pressing Production Line

Walnut oil press equipment adopts twice pressing method to obtain walnut oil. The equipment mainly includes walnut hulling machine, walnut shelling machine, hydraulic oil press, screw oil press, walnut oil refining equipment, etc. Walnut processing equipment can retain the nutrition in the walnut kernel, has high oil yield and low residual oil rate in the cake. The nutrition in the