animal oil and vegetable oil

Oil can be divided into two types: animal oil and vegetable oil ..Animal fats include lard, beef oil ,goat oil and cream.Vegetable fats include peanut oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil, soybean oil and cottonseed oil. Oil nutritional value varies depending on the absorption rate, average melting point below 37 ℃ the highest absorption rate, can reach 97-98%, 37 c ~ 50 ℃ with the absorption rate of 90%, more than 60 ℃ is difficult to absorb.The saturated fatty acid content in animal fat is high, the solubility point is high, in the normal temperature is solid, the digestibility is low.The content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil is high, the solubility point is low, it is liquid at room temperature, and the digestibility is higher than that of animal oil.


In animal fat, mainly saturated fatty acids, high cholesterol content.If ingested in the diet too much, can make the cholesterol content in the blood increase, and the morbidity and mortality of hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease show significant correlation.Therefore, patients with hyperlipidemia and hypertension should eat less animal fat, usually lean pork and lean beef.But if fat meat is cooked properly, it can also be eaten in moderation.Fat meat after a long time simmer, boil, boil, the content of saturated fatty acid and cholesterol will drop a lot, old people can eat a small amount of food, in order to increase the variety of side food.


Animal fat can add flavor to dishes when it is cooked.If lard color is white, and have meat flavor, can cook some clear white dishes, such as lotus dishes, not only white and bright, but also smooth and tender taste.Some vegetables, such as turnips, contain less fat. If cooked with lard, they will be lubricated and fragrant, which can increase appetite.


No matter it is mainly vegetarian or animal food, it does not meet the requirements of nutrition. A reasonable balanced diet is an important condition to meet the normal physiological needs of the human body and ensure the health of the body.Therefore, advocate omnivorous food in daily life, grease also is same.Vegetable fats should not be selected in a single way. Animal fats (including animal products) can be increased in a moderate amount. The ratio of vegetable oils to animal oils is 1:0.7.

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