The difference between hot pressing and cold pressing

Comparing with other oil-making methods, the crushing method has the advantages : simple process, less matching equipment, strong adaptability to oil varieties, flexible production, good oil quality, light color, and pure flavor. Pressing oil extraction process is to extrude oil and extract edible oil by the external force generated by the screw oil press machine.


Pressing oil extraction process: steaming-frying-pressing-crude oil dregs removal, because of the pressing temperature, pressing will be divided into hot pressing and cold pressing, what is the difference between the two?


Oil extraction by hot pressing usually involves cleaning, crushing and high-temperature heating before oil extraction, which results in a series of changes in the interior of oil: destroying oil cells, promoting protein denaturation, reducing oil viscosity and so on, so as to be suitable for oil extraction and increasing oil yield. However, the crude oil extracted from the high-temperature treated oil is dark in color and has higher acid value, so the crude oil must be refined before it can be eaten. At the same time, high-temperature oil pressing makes the biologically active substances (vitamin E, sterols, carotenoids, etc.) in the oil lose a lot during the pressing process, resulting in a waste of resources. The hot-press screw oil press is usually used in hot rolling.


Oil extraction by cold pressing refers to the state of oil without heating or low temperature before pressing, which is sent to the oil press for pressing. The cold pressing method is generally processed under the environment of fewer than 60 degrees Celsius. The natural flavor and color of the oil are retained in the cold-pressed product oil, and the physiologically active substances in the oil are completely preserved. The denaturation degree of the protein is low and the comprehensive utilization of the protein is easier. The raw materials of cold-pressed oil must be carefully selected, otherwise, the quality of cold-pressed oil will be affected. Generally speaking, cold-pressed oil has a low smoke point and unstable moisture content, which is not conducive to long-term storage.


Hot pressed oil is pure and fragrant, especially sesame and peanut, which are rich in oil. The disadvantage is that it will foam and silt when frying without treatment, which needs to be filtered by the centrifugal oil filter.


The cold press oil has a lighter color. The cold press oil machine does not smell fragrant and does not burn. Cold-pressed oil will not foam and silt when eaten.


Traditional physical crushing industry, oil yellow bright and clear, clear taste! Third-class rapeseed oil.

The original natural nutrient composition and unique fragrance of flaxseed were retained by using super cold pressing dewaxing and secondary pressing standards. All the flaxseed originally came from green planting land, which guaranteed the quality of products from the source, anti-ultraviolet packaging bottles, retained nutrition and reduced losses.

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