How to distinguish true and false rice bran oil

In fact, in the reverse, the doubts are not broken: as the waste oil to counterfeit rice bran oil is still so expensive, so hard, then the counterfeiters are brains, because the market is not high acceptance of rice bran oil, now the domestic public The understanding of rice bran oil is still very limited. Even if it is a fake, it is also necessary to make money. It is bound to want to get rid of it as soon as possible. In fact, everyone who has read the news reports knows what brand of “well-known brand” boxes and bottles appear in the “well-known brands” newspapers in the video. This is the packaging used for the final filling of many trench oils, and only counterfeit. Brand-name products will get out of the way.

Of course, this is a conventional reverse thinking, you can learn from it, the most important thing is to take a scientific and simple identification method, or to increase the true understanding of rice bran oil: rice bran oil as a fat extracted from rice germ, its fatty acid composition and nutrition The ingredients are all natural, and it is a good nutrition and health oil. The price of authentic rice bran oil is not cheap! It is a good idea to test the solidification crystallization in the refrigerator for several hours.

Always one sentence: the trench can never be rice bran oil, completely different fatty acid composition, completely different nutrients, the waste oil is just like the koji made with methanol as a brand-name wine, but in the end consumers can’t buy it. Being a fake wine, but will understand more carefully, buy an authentic brand, after all, it is a good thing, the name will be loud and there will be so many counterfeit goods!

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