Processes to Make Sunflower Seed Oil

The shelling &peeling of the sunflower seed
Shelling and peeling is the first important step to make the seed oil which is usually time-consuming and complex in the whole process. The sunflower seeds shelling and separating equipment is commonly used for industrial processing of sunflower seeds. If there exists any unshelled seeds, they will be sent to the next shelling machine for hulling clearly. The shelling and separating equipment, owning independent intellectual property rights, is a perfect machine to deal with sunflower seeds.
Roasting of the sunflower seed
Then come to the roasting step. By roasting, the oil yield will be improved. Furthermore, the taste and scent would be more great.
Extraction of the sunflower seed oil
 Automatic screw oil press which can squeeze and filter oil at the same time is popular in sunflower oil production plant.
Refinery of sunflower oil
Sunflower oil processed by automatic oil press are crude oil filled with pectin(protein, phospholipid) and free fatty acid. Only processed by refining machines can sunflower oil have best taste.

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