Cooling and Freezing Auxiliary System of 150T/D Edible Oil Dewaxing Plant Equipment List

NO. Name Location Code Model Q.T.Y




Technical parameters
1 Crystallization of circulating water pump PU301 ISW100-125 1 11 Lift:20m;Flow:100m³/h
2 Freeze water tank V301a,b LSG2000x4 2 0 φ2000×3800
3 Refrigerating unit CM301 DLS-125WTS 1 36 71x103Kcal/hr; P=36kw,16m³/H
4 Refrigerator exchange of water pump PU302 ISW100-125 1 11 Lift:20m;Flow:100m³/h
5 Cooling water pump PU303 ISW100-160 1 15 Lift:20m;Flow:100m³/h
6 Steam separated cylinder FQ301 FQG-200 1 0
7 Cooling water tower CT301 LQST 1 0
8 Air compressor CR401 KQYSJ 1 0

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