How to choose a small pusher

Buy your own a small seed oil expeller – spend little money to be able to satisfy your healthy. Then how can we choose the small oil expeller among so money oil pressing equipment for sale online and offline? Here is some tips for you to pick the best oil making machine.

The Standard of Choose a Small Oil Expeller

  • Oil Production Yield of the Oil Expeller

Almost everybody knowns that one of the stand of the oil expeller quality is the oil yield. A good home use oil expeller can extract more oil from the vegetable seed and make the best use of the oilseed materials. The oil yield of some great small oil expeller can reach up to 95%, which means about 95% of the oil inclued in the raw oilseeds can be extracted.

  • The stability of the Small Oil Expeller

This should be a more concerned issue when purchusing a small scale oil expeller for home use. Nobody wants anything to go wrong with the oil expeller machine after a few days using.

  • Cold Pressing or Hot Pressing

Cold pressing means extract oil without heating before oil expelling process. It is more natural and avoid the adverse effects caused by traditional high temperature cooking oil processing, not only retained the oil flavor and natural color, also complete preserved the physiological active substances in oil. Hot pressing means the oilseeds are cooked or heating before oil extraction. Edible vegetable oil in our daily life is mostly extracted by hog pressing technology. Hot pressing type oil expeller is featured oil simple operation and low production cost. Nowadays, most oil mill adopt hot pressing process to improve the oil yield efficiency. But the cude oil should be refined before eating (how to start a small scale oil refinery?). Our mini oil mill plant is becoming one of the hot equipment for processing edible oil in rural areas.

  • Noise and Energy Consumption

Noise is also a concern. The big noise produced when the small oil expeller is running is very annoying. So be sure to try it on the spot to ensure the noise is affordable and also pay attention to the energy consumption problems.

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