Cooking and storage of edible oils

Edible oil is an indispensable part of People’s Daily diet , it is one of the three main nutrients supply for human body heat energy, and it is the essential fatty acid and an important source of fat-soluble vitamins and phosphor fat for human,.Food cannot be cooked,or Fried without oil.

Grease  are cooked at high temperatures, which can reduce their nutritional value, such as vitamin A, carotene, vitamin E and essential fatty acids are all destroyed . the unsaturated fatty acids in oil will produce polymerization by high temperature heating , especially the oil that has passed through high temperature repeatedly. Which has certain toxic effects and contains carcinogenic substances.Therefore, when cooking the temperature of oil should not be too high, and reduce the number of times of repeated use, it should be added the unused when use the used oil again,

Additional grease also should notice when preserving, it should not be store for a long time, especially high-grade cooking oil should not store for a long time.A lot of families use plastic bucket to hold edible oil for a long time now, this can make the poisonous element in plastic product decompose in grease and it will pollute edible oil, cause harm to human body.The longer it is stored, the more acidity the grease contains, the more toxic elements, additives, etc. dissolve from the plastic bucket.The best way to keep it is to store it in a dark or brown glass bottle and keep it at a low temperature.Many families for the convenient and often put the oil in the kitchen , and temperature is very high in the kitchen, cooking oil is easy to deteriorate, especially in the summer. It will produces a bad smell when stored a long time , and It is not digested by the human body after eating, and poisoning can also occur..It is best to store the oil  in a cool and cold area, the best preserved temperature under 10 ℃.


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