The Correct Use Of Screw Press

Spiral oil press in operation, processing only to master a certain skill, to improve the rate of oil.

Oil engine room temperature should be kept at 15 ℃, 20 ℃, the temperature is too low will affect the yield efficiency and oil.Oil into the appropriate to squeeze the moisture content of the former, the best moisture content is as follows: peanut 8% – 8%, soybeans 5% 8%, cotton seed 4% – 4%, rapeseed by 6% to 8%.

After machine idle running normal, apply a small amount of oil evenly slowly feeding, so that the mill boring and hot, and observe whether the situation in cake is smooth.If not successful eduction, the likelihood is the pie mouth gap is too small, then adjust the handwheel clockwise.If found out the cake too much too fast, counterclockwise rotation to adjust the handwheel, until the normal work.Then slowly increase the feed rate, fight uneven loading, load sudden rise, cause congestion.The working temperature of oil press.If the material is dry, high temperature machine, on the other hand can be lower.Can be sent to the oil machine greenhouse at 60 ℃.With the hand to touch the body shell feel hot can be put into normal operation.

Open should be slowly adjust thickness in cake, cake thickness up to 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm, that meet the requirements, at this time can be adjusted to lever lock nut, increase feed feed rate.

Work constantly to remove slag leakage, to prevent oil be blocked.Recycling of sludge may continue to squeeze back into the hopper.Press the second time, should put the cake break into small pieces after about 10 mm feeding hopper.

Oil mill work after 3-4 months, a maintenance.And regularly use butter or oil lubrication parts.

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