Are all peanut oil presses shared between hot and cold?

The oil mill is indispensable to press peanut oil. With the development of technology, a machine can squeeze a variety of oils. Peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, etc. can be squeezed, but they need to be cleaned to avoid odor before the oil. , There is another problem we all know that there is a hot and cold oil press. Is this a necessary function for all peanut oil presses?

The cold and hot peanut oil press is simple and convenient to operate. Not all oil presses can enjoy the same function, and it can only be realized with this function. It can be cold pressed or hot pressed. This equipment is also It can be said to be more advanced. It can provide different oils for pressing. Some oils like hot pressing, some like cold pressing, and one device can complete multiple operations. Just put the oil in, no need Manual operation, a simple button can realize fully automated operation, the freshly squeezed oil flows directly from the oil outlet, and a filter screen is provided to filter the residue.

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