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Edible oil Refining – Bleaching

Bleaching Technology In addition to color pigments, Bleaching also removes residual phosphatides, metal contaminants, soaps and oxidation products. Oil undergoes Pre-treatment with Phosphoric acid/citric acid and the pre-treated oil is given a pre-determined retention before going to the Bleacher. This step splits soap and traps metal contaminants. The pre-treated oil is mixed with bleaching earth in inline

What do you know more about the Rapeseed oil?

History Rapeseed oil is called “rapeseed oil” for short, mainly from the seeds of Brassica napus and Brassica oleifera (oil content 22% – 49%, average 40%). It contains 21% – 27% protein and 1% phospholipid. These varieties of rapeseed are produced in China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Chile, France, and Canada. In Europe,