The advantages of biodiesel

Biodiesel is widely accepted as a substitute fuel for fossil diesel, its physical and chemical properties are similar to fossil diesel and the extensive use can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Biodiesel can be mixed with diesel at any percentage or used directly on diesel engines without big adjustments.In addition, biodiesel is free of sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons, high hexadecane value and good biodegradability.

Biodiesel, which is renewable, clean and safe, is one of the most important new energy sources in diversified transportation. Its application in the automotive field has obvious advantages and long-term significance:

  • Biodiesel can reduce the pollution of HC, CO, sulfide, polycyclic benzene carcinogens and “black smoke” of automobile, which is conducive to improving the air quality of China.The production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil, wasteoil and swill-cooked oil can reduce dirty and poisonous waste oil pollution.
  • As a renewable energy source, biodiesel can alleviate the shortage of diesel fuel in China, which is conducive to strengthening China’s energy security.
  • From the perspective of environmental emissions, the total life cycle environmental emissions of biodiesel decreased significantly,the negative emission of CO2 in the process of planting has greatly reduced the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Due to its high hexadecane value, biodiesel has better combustion performance than diesel oil.
  • Biodiesel has good lubrication performance,which can extend the service life of the engine and its components.
  • Biodiesel has a fuel burning point of 150 degrees, higher thanordinary diesel, so it is safer to use, transport and store.
  • Usingbiodiesel, automotive engines and fuel systems need little modification, the gas station and other infrastructures also no need to be changed,the application and promotion are very convenient.

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