How to buy cooking oil?

Common edible oils are mostly vegetable oils, including corn oil, peanut oil, olive oil, camellia oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, walnut oil and the like.
Three tips for eating and drinking in your life:

1. depends on the color. Generally speaking, the higher the degree of refining, the lighter the color of the oil. Of course, all kinds of vegetable oils have a unique color, and it is impossible and unnecessary to refine to no color.

2. we must look at transparency. We must choose clear and transparent oil. The higher the transparency, the better.

3. you should smell and tasteless. Take one or two drops of oil on your palm. After rubbing your hands and heat, you can’t smell the smell (halal or irritating). If you have odor, don’t buy it.

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