Future of Oil Press Industry

In view of the various benefits of edible oil, it has become a must in our daily life.

Oil squeezed by oil press has natural flavor and no chemical additives, safe for daily consumption.
With annual worldwide oil production rate of 220 million tons for both edible and non-edible oil in 2011, it’s believed that edible oil press industry is one of the most profitable industrial enterprises. This industry sits in one of the most important and un-substitutable positions in the respective economies.
The edible oil industry will also positively influence edible oil seed plantation to meet the rising oil demands in the market. Amisy offers hydraulic oil press, easy to operate and maintain suitable for squeezing on the spot and processing on given materials meeting the requirements for assured oil.
Edible oil can also be used in the production of environmentally friendly bio-diesel. Actually, the use of edible oil in making this alternate fuel has seen the non-edible oil demand jump from less than 15 million tons in 2003 to the present value which stands at 95 million tons. There is a possibility that in future non-edible oil production rate will overtake and even double the edible oil production rate. The potential development of oil press is huge.

With its rapid development, the oil press industry will attract a lot of research and develop new techniques of delivering large quantities which meet the present stringent quality requirements. A lot of jobs have been created from this and because of the development techniques, investors in this industry will take note of equipment that they wish to incorporate into their plant lest they acquire obsolete components for their plants.

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