Crystallization Section of 150T/D Edible Oil Dewaxing Plant Equipment List

NO. Name Location Code Model Q.T.Y  (set) Power (KW) Technical parameters
1 Crystallizing tank TK101-108 YJJG2280 8 4*8 φ2200×8000; cooling coils is SS.304
2 Feed oil pump PU101 KCB300 1 4 Lift:32m; Flow:18m³/h
3 Back oil pump PU102 KCB200 1 4 Lift:32m; Flow:12m³/h
4 Crystallization water pumps PU111-112 ISW80-160B 2 15*2 Lift:24m; Flow:43m³/h
5 Heat exchanger HT401 HRQ30 1 0 Heat exchange area:30㎡ Plate:SS.316
6 Heat exchanger HT402 HRQ20 1 0 Heat exchange area:20㎡ Plate:SS.316

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