100T/D Soybean Oil Pretreatment Plant Equipment List&Quotation

No. P/N. Euipment No. Type QTY Power Remarks
1 Y102 Incoming material scraper TGSS16 1 0 Transporting raw materials soybean from Feeding chute into pretreatment section
2 D101 Bucket elevator DTDG36/18 1 4 Moving raw materials into Magnetic separator
3 Y106 Vibrating screen TQLZ100x150 1 0.37*2 Removing big solid impurities.
4 Y107 Specific-gravity stoner TQSF125 1 0.55*2 Removing heavy stone
5 Y105 Magnetic separator CXY20 1 0 Adopt the magnetic separator removing iron miscellaneous
6 Y113 Discharging scraper TGSS16 1 5.5 Discharging wet meal out from extractor
7 Y108 Hydraulic crusher YPSG25*100 1 11*2+0.37 Shredding the soybean into scrap
8 D102 Bucket elevator DTDG36/18 1 4 Transporting the soybean scrap into Horizontal softening pot
9 Y109 Horizontal softening pot YRHW140 1 4 Improve the raw material of plastic, the flaking machine embryo by thin but not broken, so as to improve the effect of leaching
10 Dust collection screw conveyor LSS14 1 3 Collecting and moving the dust into dedusting system
11 Y110 Hydraulic flaker YYPY2*600×100 1 22+22+1.1 Pressing the crushed soybean into flakes for increasing the contact surface mix with solvent
12 D103 Bucket elevator DTDG36/18 4 3*4 Transport the Flakes to extruding puff section
13 Y111 Bulking machine YJP18 1 110 It can make solution lipase in the Soybean passivated under high temperature and high pressure condition,then prevent the rice bran oil rancidity; On the other hand, the extrusion puffing can make soybean be porous material grain, and increases the materials bulk density, then improve the permeability and leaching rate which solvent reacts to the material
14 Y112 Flat plate dryer PBHG80 1 4 The puffed Soybean contains about 12% water, and the best moisture for leaching process is 7-9%, therefore, there must be effective drying means to achieve the best leaching moisture
15 S101 Cyclone Deduster XF40 1 1.5 With air sealer
16 S102 Stone separator XF40 1 1.5 With air sealer
17 F101 Vibrating screen fan 4-72NO4.0A 1 7.5 Centrifugal, with shock absorption
18 F102 Stone separator fan 4-72NO4.0A 1 7.5 Centrifugal, with shock absorption
19 Y114 Steam drum ZQF219 1 Storage and distribute steam
20 Pulse dedusting pulser
21 Y115 Air compressor D-6 1 5.5 Compressing air for pneumatic valve
22 Y116 Installation material cost C-1.0/0.8 1 0 Storage air
23 Power distribution control
24 Installation material cost
25 Installation material cost

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