What is rice bran oil?

Rice bran oil; also known as rice oil, cereal oil. Rice bran oil is a nutrient-rich edible vegetable oil derived from rice bran, a by-product of rice processing rice. It not only has a complete fatty acid composition, but also contains more vitamin E and oryzanol. It is unmatched by other vegetable oils and has

Palm Oil Properties – Technical References

Palm Oil Properties – Technical References The palm oil specific technical parameters may vary due to the origin and environmental factors. The palm oil technical parameters we provide are for reference only Temp deg. C Viscosity mPas Heat Capacity KJ/kg-C Conductivity W/m-C Density kg/m3 Viscosity cST 25 77.19 1.861 0.1721 887.5 86.97 30 57.85 1.875

Soybean oil refining production line Process

Soybean oil refining process: 1. Hydration Degumming & Alkali Refining Deacidification Process Neutralization: The crude oil is output by the oil feed pump from the oil tank, and enters the crude oil heat exchanger to recover part of heat after metering and then is heated to the required temperature by the heater. After that, the

What are Expeller and Cold Pressed Fixed Oils?

Cold pressed oils aren’t cold pressed but are pressed slowly so the temperature stays within the range for those oils considered cold pressed. Cold pressed oils are the best oils for eating. Cold pressed means they were pressed slowly so the temperature doesn’t exceed 120-122 degrees Fahrenheit. The old adage “Time is Money”, result is