Uncovering the misunderstanding of edible oil transgene and non GM

GMO or Non-GMO always been the focus topic in social. Once involve the GMO, it can attract people’s argumentation in anytime. After many years argumentation, we should know the GMO or Non-GMO is a complicated issue which involves science, law, social, economic, morality etc. We should stay calm because it still last a very long period.  However, some company borrow this topic to get profiteering.

Various kinds of reason, China people still can not accept GMO completely. China government forbid the plantation and selling of most GMO corp, only few part can be raw material to make process, like the GMO soybeans transfer to GMO cooking oil. Under circumstances, cooking Oil had been the most frequently used food we come to contact with GMO, it lead Some argument people to be the target group to use NON-GMO cooking oil. But how much benefit can they get by paying several times money more for NON-GMO cooking oil? The answer is: 0.

What a funny farce in cooking oil is some of the “ Non-GMO peanut oil”. Actually, there is no commerically grown GMO peanuts in the world, so all peanuts whether labeled or not, not GMO peanuts. But some manufacturers labeled the NON-GMO cooking oil to raise price based on same oil, to get dark Money. It is a typical malicious competitive behavior.

Even though the soybean indeed have GMO and NON GMO soybeans, is there any difference between GMO or NON GMO, the answer is absolutely No. GMO and NON GMO cooking oil is same safe.

A Gene is a fragment of molecule such as DNA or RNA, it is made up of nucleotides to record genetic information in different arrangements of nucleotides.


What is oil?

Oil is a glycerol molecule that combines three fatty acid molecules and different type pf oil have different types and proportions of fatty acids.

GMO soybean also have various kind, because it change different Gene as it based on different purpose. Such as increase resistance, better health.

Soybean oil is mainly compose of linoleic acid and other polyunsaturate fatty acids plus some unsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. It is clear that soybean oil, a product whose main ingredient is fatty acids, has nothing to do with Genes. However, fatty acid, a relatively simple substance, has been well understood by human beings.

So the difference between GMO soybean oil and traditional oil is two bottle of water, through filtering and steam pure process, hardly to find the difference by Lab. If you still want to say one of bottle water not natural, prefer to pay more times to buy another bottle water, we only can say, what a such rich man, we can be a friend.

The first Commercial GMO crops country is USA, it begins in Mid-1990s. the planted area of GMO crops in USA still have 90%. 70% agricultural products is GMO crops. One USA embassy in Beijing had publicly said GMO crops have been widely and safely consumed in USA more than 20years. About two-thirds of products contain genetically modified ingredients. Moreover, most GMO corps which grown in USA also for domestic consumption.

Therefore, we should be a rational consumer. we have right to know the GMO and Non GMO, like or dislike, but not be deceived and misunderstand and misled by means of merchants.

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