Is it true that “healthy oil” is not fat?

Are you losing weight in the diet? Indeed, if you want to lose weight, less oil and less salt, a light diet is a must.

But this is not to ask you to quit the oil, not to eat, but to eat a good amount of high-quality oil during the period of reducing fat, that is to say, correct oil consumption does not affect your fat loss effect.


In general, saturated fat and trans fat are considered “bad fat.” Unsaturated fat is often called “good fat.” Some people think that since it is “good fat”, it will be good from head to toe, there is no bad place, and it will not make people fat.

This is not right. In terms of calories, good fat and bad fat are the same. Even the best fat, but also fat, is easy to make people fat. Therefore, we must not think that linseed oil and olive oil can be “drinked” casually. Marine fish can be eaten casually. In fact, it is far from the case.

Also like avocado, many people think that avocado is healthy, and the fat inside is also healthy fat, which can be eaten casually. In fact, the avocado is very high in calories, the avocado with the least fat content, and the calories are more than three times that of apples. This food is much eaten and it is easy to make people fat. Therefore, the avocado should be good enough. You can’t eat it unrestrained because it seems to be very healthy.

By the way, what to eat olive oil. Many people say that olive oil can’t be cooked, it can’t be eaten raw.


Is it true that “healthy oil” is not fat?


We usually cook, like vegetable oil, soybean oil, peanut oil and the like. Olive oil is more suitable for cooking and frying than these oils. Why are vegetable oils afraid of heating? Mainly because most of the commonly used vegetable oils have a large proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are more susceptible to oxidation when heated, so they are suitable for cold eating. Olive oil is dominated by monounsaturated fatty acids and small amounts of saturated fatty acids, which are relatively more stable and more suitable for heating.


Some people say that the use of olive oil to heat will destroy the vitamin E inside. In fact, the vitamin E content in olive oil is not high, and it is relatively low in vegetable oil. Therefore, this naturally cannot be the reason why olive oil cannot be heated. If you consider the effective supplement of vitamin E, the best vegetable oils are sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, safflower oil and so on.

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