What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Olive Oil for Dry Skin?

Extra virgin olive oil is a type of oil obtained from olives. Although it is normally used in cooking, some individuals use the oil as a dry skin remedy. It is very moisturizing, much less expensive than some commercial dry skin moisturizers, and typically lasts longer too. Additionally, it contains no dyes or fragrances, but the raw smell of the olive oil may be too much for some people to stand. It may also may some people’s skin oily and possibly clog the pores.

Its excellent moisturizing properties are among the biggest benefits of using olive oil for dry skin. This cooking oil contains antioxidants needed to help protect skin, as well as emollients to help keep skin smooth and supple. Applying a few drops of olive oil to dry skin can treat and prevent scaly, flaking skin.

Compared to some other commercial moisturizers and oils for dry skin, olive oil is much more economical. Some commercial products for dry skin can be expensive, and olive oil typically costs much less. It usually takes a smaller amount of olive oil to treat dry skin as well, and it will also last much longer.

Besides using olive oil for dry skin, many individuals have found that it can replace some other commercial products as well. Using it as shaving cream, for instance, can help the blade of the razor glide more easily over the skin, resulting in a closer shave and fewer nicks. Warm olive oil can be applied to the hair to help restore brittle locks, before being shampooed off. It can also be used to remove paint from hair and clean greasy hands.

Many individuals who have dry and sensitive skin also find that olive oil works better than commercial other products. This is because olive oil is a natural substance, and it does not contain many of the dyes and fragrances of typical commercial skin moisturizers.

Olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, has a very distinct smell that may not appeal to some users. This smell is not necessarily unpleasant, but to many, it does not have the pleasant smell of most perfumes.

It’s also best if olive oil is only used by people with very dry skin. Individuals with naturally oily skin may find their skin is even more greasy after applying olive oil. It may also clog pores, causing pimples or blackheads.

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