Screw Oil Press Machine Relatively Simple, Regularity

In the engineering practice, the Screw Oil Press Machine has a large number of unstable asymmetric cycle of the load, in the stress cycle, the average stress and stress amplitude is often changing. Therefore, to carry out the fatigue design of the parts under the action of unstable asymmetric cyclic load, we must first determine the load spectrum of the part under various typical working conditions as the basis for the analysis and calculation.

However, the use of four-column Screw Oil Press Machine for a variety of practical conditions are varied, and some process conditions are relatively strong, and some are chaotic, the situation is changing. Therefore, the need to select some typical conditions, in the actual measurement of its load on the basis of statistical analysis, the results of a set of regularity together, with the frequency of various conditions, you can get the load spectrum

The load spectrum should be typical, systematic, centralized and general. In the fatigue design of the typical parts of the Screw Oil Press Machine, the stress of the parts of the hydraulic parts should be used as the forging of the load spectrum. The stress of the dangerous parts of the working tanks and the production of the forging parts Program to determine the frequency of its occurrence. This kind of load spectrum is simple and regular. However, it is complicated to measure the load spectrum of the free forged four-column Screw Oil Press Machine column.

There are many types of forgings forged on a free forging Screw Oil Press Machine. There are various types of forgings of various sizes such as shafts, plates, rings, plates and blocks. The weight of the ingot used for forging is also different. Forging forging process, there may be chamfering, cutting riser, pull long, upsetting, punching, reaming, shaping, finishing and cutting materials and other processes.

The various stresses of each of the forgings are not the same as the stress caused by the dangerous cross section of the column. Therefore, for the measured data, more finishing and statistical analysis work should be carried out with a view to obtaining Design the calculated load spectrum.

Screw Oil Press Machine (Screw Oil Press Machine) is a hydraulic oil through the hydraulic pump into the cylinder / piston, and then the cylinder / piston in the Several sets of matching seals, different locations of the seals are different, but all play the role of sealing, so that hydraulic oil can not be leaked. And finally through the one-way valve to make the hydraulic oil in the tank cycle to the cylinder / piston cycle work to complete a certain mechanical action as a force of a mechanical.

Chinese name Screw Oil Press Machine working medium hydraulic oil

Screw Oil Press Machine structure classification;

Bow-type Screw Oil Press Machine, four-column Screw Oil Press Machine, frame-type hydraulic machine, C-type hydraulic machine, XYZ-axis Screw Oil Press Machine. Single-arm Screw Oil Press Machine – can be upgraded to CNC Screw Oil Press Machine, servo CNC Screw Oil Press Machine.

Screw Oil Press Machine summary,

The Screw Oil Press Machine consists of two main parts of the main engine and control mechanism. The hydraulic machine main part includes the fuselage, the master cylinder, the ejection cylinder and the filling device. Power mechanism by the fuel tank, high pressure pump, low pressure control system, motor and various pressure valves and directional valves and other components. Power mechanism under the control of electrical equipment, through the pump and cylinder and a variety of hydraulic valve to achieve energy conversion, regulation and transportation, to complete a variety of processes.

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