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Edible oil Refining – Bleaching

Bleaching Technology In addition to color pigments, Bleaching also removes residual phosphatides, metal contaminants, soaps and oxidation products. Oil undergoes Pre-treatment with Phosphoric acid/citric acid and the pre-treated oil is given a pre-determined retention before going to the Bleacher. This step splits soap and traps metal contaminants. The pre-treated oil is mixed with bleaching earth in inline

30T/D Oil Bleaching Section Equipment List

NO. Equipment name Model QTY power(KW) Technician data Remark 1 Alkali refining oil tank YG100 1 0 φ1000*2400 Q235,δ=6mm 2 Blade filter NYB15a.b 2 0 filter area:15 m2 3 Alkali oil heater I1.0T6-0.5/600-10 1 0 Heat transfer area:5m2 Q235 4 High-order bleaching storage tank YCGP100 1 0 φ1000*1800 Q235,δ=6mm 5 Air storage tank C-0.6/8 1