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Crystallizer Tank

Rice bran oil dewaxing equipment-Crystallizer tank
The crystallization tank is the equipment to provide suitable crystallization conditions for waxes. It is divided into batch and continuous type. The main body of the utility model is a vertical long cylinder with a jacket, which is composed of an upper and a lower plate covers and a plurality of tower bodies. There is a baffle with a multi-layer center opening in the tower. The axle center of the tower has a stirring shaft. The shaft is equipped with a stirred guide disc baffle, which is driven by a variable speed motor and rotates from 10 to 13rpm/min to promote the convection of the oil in the tower. The jacket is provided with an external short pipe, so that the cooling water can be exchanged with the grease in the tower for heat exchange, and the wax can be cooled and crystallized.
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